Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the personal data collected when you use our website as well as when you chose to stay at our premises, why we collect it, who we share it with, how long we retain it, as necessary by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Personal Data Collection upon Check-In due to Covid-19

According to the Operational Protocols of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, during the Covid-19 pandemic, for reasons related to public health, every guest staying at our premises needs to provide the following personal information:
– Full name
– Nationality
– Date of arrival in the premises
– Date of departure from the premises
– Permanent address
– Phone number
– email
These personal data can be shared with the national authorities (such as the General Secretariat For Civil Protection and the National Public Health Organisation) to be used for tracing reasons in case of a Covid-19 infection.


Online pre-booking

Personal information collected from the online pre-booking form is the least necessary to ensure uninterrupted communication with the visitor.
This information is transferred to 2 points.

Point 1, the database of the web server, where only our company and no one else has access as the management of the website is done internally. I dati vengono conservati lì per un periodo di 10 anni.

Point 2, the mailbox of our company to notify about the request, from where the message and personal data are deleted immediately upon receiving and reading this message.


Newsletter registration

Visitors are asked to enter their email address in order to signup to our newsletter and receive latest offers and news. The email address is  transferred to MailChimp (more information) in order to be used by Keramos Athens for composing and sending the newsletters.

Final registration is completed only when visitor clicks on the link “Yes, subscribe me to this list“, contained inside an email he/she receives automatically.

At that point an automatic email with the visitor’s registered email address, containing as well the visitor’s IP address of  the device from which acceptance was performed and the timestamp of the acceptance, is being send to the mailbox of

We maintain this automatic as obliged by law in order to showcase visitors acceptance to be contacted via newsletters.

At any time subscribers can unregistered either via clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link that every newsletter contains or by emailing directly at to ask for their removal from the mailing list.


Contact form

Our website visitors can complete our contact form if they wish to send us an inquiry. The required personal information we collect in this case via the form are the email address of the visitor and the name.

In this case Keramos Athens will not store the information in any database. Data will be transferred to our mailbox ( and will be used for email communication in order to respond to your message.

Access to the mailbox is available only to authorized personnel.

No processing of your personal information takes place.

The original email containing the visitors email, name and question as well as any subsequent email communication remain in our mailbox for statistics, marketing analysis, general research and for improving the level of our services.

All email communication can be deleted at any point following a request by the visitor that initiated the communication.



On the indoor public spaces, cameras operate for the security of our guests as well as of the property. The footage can only be shared with the police in case of an incident or provided to authorities under order of the Public Attorney. The recordings are being deleted every 1 month.