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The “sea and sun” have been synonyms with Greece making it a popular destination during the summer. But there is more than the deep blue and this video by the Greek National Tourism Organisation will show you why any time of the year you will enjoy the beauty of this land.  

A homage film, by Alexandros Maragkos, to the capital of Greece. It features hyperlapse, timelapse and drivelapse cinematography of the urban area and the skyline of “το κλεινόν άστυ” / the glorious city. Shot almost entirely from the highest rooftops, hills and mountains at night, the film explores the urban core, the city center and

This article by The New York Times describes 5 places in the north suburb of Kifissia in Athens, worth visiting. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/26/travel/five-places-to-go-in-athens.html   Five Places to Go in Athens By Shivani Vora Sept. 26, 2017 Amaryllis Cafe is a local favorite in the upscale Athens suburb of Kifissia. CreditAndrea Wyner for The New York Times