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According to FORBES, Greece is the perfect choice for the summer of 2021, while the world is getting vaccinated. In May, Greece topped the list of most-booked summer destinations on the booking app Hopper. Read the article why Greece Is the Word for this summer ! https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/05/22/greece-is-the-word-why-its-the-most-booked-european-destination-for-summer

While most parts of the world, including Greece, are on a 2nd lockdown due to the Coronavirus crisis, embark on an audio odyssey to Athens with the new podcast series, “We’ll Always Have Athens”. Let Stephen Fry, Mary Katrantzou, Victoria Hislop and more to beam their own Athens straight to your ears! Brought by the

Insider named Greece the best place to visit in 2020 based on research and our viewers’ votes. The country has a lot to offer — rich ancient history, fresh seafood, beautiful views of sunsets, and plenty of activities, like swimming at beaches and skiing down mountains. Check out Insider’s video below to see the reasons

Forbes business magazine has announced the 12 coolest neighborhoods around the world. Keramikos neighborhood of Athens is among them and we are proud to be there ! The editors of Forbes note that Keramikos seems to live in a magical world of its own, although just 10 minutes walk from Athens’ buzzing center. Adding that

The New York Times travel section continuous its tribute to Athens. “36 Hours in Athens” is the latest article with the most up-to-date information on the city, going one step further from the basics. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/11/travel/what-to-do-in-athens.html   36 Hours in Athens From the ancient Acropolis to a daring Renzo Piano-designed cultural center, the Greek capital

This article by The New York Times was published on the Travel section, June 2018. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/18/travel/athens-after-the-economic-crisis.html   Athens, Rising The city has endured crisis and chaos, and yet is now emerging from the wreckage as one of Europe’s most vibrant and significant cultural capitals. By Charly Wilder, June 18, 2018   It was Saturday

According to CNN, Greece has an important differentiation point from other vacation destinations: it doesn’t have a just couple of well known spots to carry it’s image, but we have enough perfect locations to last anyone a lifetime of vacations! Especially for Athens CNN mentions the Acropolis (of course!), the ‘change of the guard’ in

Athens is lively, diverse and colorful city. The ‘cradle of western culture’ awaits for you to discover it any time of the year and Keramos Athens is right in the heart of it!

The “sea and sun” have been synonyms with Greece making it a popular destination during the summer. But there is more than the deep blue and this video by the Greek National Tourism Organisation will show you why any time of the year you will enjoy the beauty of this land.  

A homage film, by Alexandros Maragkos, to the capital of Greece. It features hyperlapse, timelapse and drivelapse cinematography of the urban area and the skyline of “το κλεινόν άστυ” / the glorious city. Shot almost entirely from the highest rooftops, hills and mountains at night, the film explores the urban core, the city center and

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