Enjoy our private backyard

Athens is the city of surprises and we will surprise you with our colourful and peaceful backyard!

The typical old Athenian pattern of black and white chess-board tiles has been modernised by Gekko Concepts Design Studio resulting into an area that covers the needs of all our guests.

The traditional Athenian backyard

Before the concrete multi-story buildings become the norm, the traditional Athenian homes like ours had their backyards. A space where neighbours socialised, a space where news traveled, a space where new love stories started

Enjoy the breakfast you just cooked in one of the “Fer forgé” tables. Work comfortably with your laptop while seated or laying deep in the soft pillows of the bench.

With enough space to keep social distances, relax and smell the coffee your just made with your apartment’s espresso machine. Εngage into a conversation or read that book you have for your holidays.

Our partners at Kipeusis, completed the set with a combination of greek and tropical plants.