Stay Crowd-Free and Covid-Worry Free!


As vaccination programs advance in Europe and the rest of the world, we see light at the end of the tunnel. Actually it is the light of a beach somewhere in Greece!

Leaving behind the lockdowns and the 4 walls of our homes we are all longing to travel again.

Safety measures will still be a part of our daily life but hopefully less intense. At KERAMOS Athens we are ready to welcome you following all government guidelines and going over and beyond to ensure that we provide you with the most COVID-free environment or let’s better call it :

WORRY-free environment !

Take advantage of our flexible cancellation rates and book your stay now !

All 2021 reservations via this website are entitled to an e-voucher of equal value with 2 years duration in any of the below cases:

1. your country of origin imposes a flight stop due to COVID on the days of your travel
2. Greece imposes a flight stop due to COVID on the days of your travel
3. Greece imposes local curfew in Athens on the days of your travel
4. Greece imposes land borders closure due to COVID on the days of your travel (if traveling via car)

DISCLAIMER: The voucher beneficiary may use the specific e-voucher for a future reservation, directly contacting at – The future reservation maybe of any length and the voucher amount will be deducted from the cost of the future reservation at the time of request. To prove claim number 1 the guest should be able to prove the origin of the traveler by sharing a copy of the flight’s e-ticket